Your Winning “Numbers” Are Here!

The subject for the August on-line competition was numbers and people were seeing numbers everywhere. None more so than David Kershaw ARPS CPAGB who was the judge this time around. He has, though, picked his favourite numbers this month and they are lucky for some. Here’s what he said.

It’s always an interesting task to try and judge any competition. It also helps teach you just how difficult a task the judges face. Picking the images you like is usually quite easy, but explaining why you like those more than the others can be perplexing, however I will try. I value creativity and imagination, which tends to colour my choice, but quality also has to be brought into the equation, so these are the picture I chose.

1st A Six on the Green – It would have been so easy to walk past this set of steps and never think of composing a picture, but the author had the imagination to see its potential. Such a simple, clean image, expertly handled, everything about it just screams quality to me. Well done, I only wish it were one of mine. 

2nd – Sixty Something – Another image that required the ability to see the potential in something as simple as weather worn paint. It demonstrates the need to develop a ‘photographic eye’ and actually see, not just look. The picture very nearly came first, I spent ages just viewing one then the other. Well done.

3rd – 43567 – Normally I find straight record shots boring, they need a high level of skill to photograph well, but they just don’t ‘float my boat’.  However this image held my attention for a long time, it oozes quality. Finally I decided that cropping the image through the window on the left was a problem for me. Other than being uncomfortable with the crop I could not fault it. 

Commended – Number 19 – I often moan inwardly when a judge waffles on about having difficulty making up his or her mind, however this image was in my final selection for a long time. It has faults, for me the upward angle that the picture was taken is a problem (OK, so you had no choice short of taking a set of steps with you). The support structure tends to drag my eyes out of the bottom of the picture. However, regardless of all that ‘I just like the picture’, the colours are vibrant and the image makes me want to know what the Mandarin actually says. I tried to work it out but translating from Chinese characters is beyond me. 

David Kershaw

Now you need to know who the lucky people were. Well in first place with “A Six on the Green” was yours truly Steve Wright scoring his first win in this competition. Second was Nigel Hazell with “Sixty Something” and third was Trevor Bottomley with “43567”. Receiving a commendation was Steve Womack with “Number 19”. Well done to all concerned and you can see the images below. Why not enter next month’s competition yourself when the subject is “Blue” (make of that what you will).

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