YPU & other competitions – a workshop evening

Despite a very busy week, David Kershaw provided a splendid helpful evening aimed at explaining what the Yorkshire Photographic Union (YPU) was and how they judged entries for its exhibitions. In the first half of the evening there were clear explanations of how members can enter for the YPU exhibition and how both prints and digital images were selected from the hundreds submitted. Members peppered David with questions and comments which he answered with humour, patience and information. The aim of the evening was to try and motivate members to enter their prints and images not just the YPU, but to club competitions and inter-club events. He succeeded in this very well with many members saying by the end they intended to “give it a go”. In the second half of the evening some very brave members had their imaged critiqued by David and, in the spirit of the evening, everybody else in the room! By then end everyone was clear as to how entries should be submitted and what was likely to be looked on favourably by judges. All that is left now is for everyone to submit something. In order to give members a chance the date for submitting your images and/or prints for the upcoming YPU exhibition has been put back until 17th February. Now there’s nothing stopping you!

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